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Capstone Projects

Below are MPA/MPP/MPFM student Capstone Projects with links to the full papers, listed by year.


Performance Evaluation and Community Needs of Spay Our Strays Organization
Elizabeth Adams (MPA)

Congressional Appropriations and Earmarks: An Analysis of the Economic and Political Effects
P. Anthony Allen (MPA)

Impact of Vaccine Availability on the Number of Children Vaccinated and Under-Five Mortality in Tanzania
Katelyn Batliner (MPA)

The Affordable Care Act and Medication-Assisted Treatment Accessibility: A Context-Inclusive Review of Research
Jacob Blevins (MPA)

The Effects of State Tax Reform on Tax Revenue Volatility
Ryan Brown (MPP)

Poverty and Nonprofits: Investigating the Relationship Between Poverty and Nonprofit Activity in the United States
Megan Combs (MPA)

Organic Farming and Incidence Rates of Select Health Outcomes: An Evaluation of the USDA Certified Orgnanic Program
Aja Croteau (MPA)

The Effect of the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) on Savings: Do Low-Income Households with Multiple Children Save More EITC Money?
Vinh Dao (MPP)

Evaluating the Labor Supply and Migration Effects of the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact
William Clay Fannin (MPP)

High Demand Labor Sectors and College Enrollment: A Preliminary Analysis of the Work Ready Kentucky Scholarship (WRKS)
Jillian Frost (MPP)

The Bluegrass Reentry Council Strategic Plan
Sydney Geiger (MPA)

Congestion Solutions: Using America’s Auto-Dependence to Generate Revenue
Chris Glasser  (MPFM)

Federal Improper Payment Mandates & Their Financial Risk for State Governments
Seth Grove  (MPFM)

Income Share Agreements as Alternative Education Financing
Erin Klarer (MPFM)

The Effects of Dual Credit in Kentucky on First-Year Student Costs and Loan Amounts
Shaun McKiernan (MPFM)

Does State and Local Government Employment Promote Tax Revenue Stability? A Look at Kentucky Cities
W. Ryan Pennington (MPA)

Cost-Benefit Analysis of Composting at the University of Kentucky
Jennifer Sutton (MPA)

The Effect of Disability on Unemployment Claim Duration in Kentucky and the Surrounding States
James Tatum (MPA)

Inclusive Recreation in Kentucky State Parks: A Survey of ADA Compliance and Transcendent Programming 
Jason Thomas (MPA)

Effective Elective? Elective Courses' Impact on Student Performance during Associated Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences
Shelby Spencer Tungate (MPA)

Impact of Government Regulations and Programmatic Decisions on Demand for a Novel Contraceptive Product in Developing Countries
Matthew Westling (MPA)


Evaluating Kentucky State Pension Plans in the 2000s and Best Practices Moving Forward
Sarah Alegria (MPFM)

Legalizing Recreational and Medical Marijuana in the State of Kentucky: A Tax Revenue Recommendation
Drew Barker (MPFM)

Tuition Revenue Distribution Models in Higher Education: An Exploration of Alternative Tuition Funding Methods at the University of Kentucky
Megan A. Bowles (MPFM)

An Analysis of Kentucky School Activity Fund Requirements For Internal Controls and Segregation of Duties Compared With National Standards and Requirements in Surrounding States
Marla J. Carnes (MPFM)

An Analysis of Mergers and Acquisitions in Non-Profit Organizations
Shakiyla K. Davis (MPFM)

Evaluating the After Effects of Successful Hazard Mitigation: Calculating the Social Benefit of London, Kentucky’s Post-Mitigation Creation of Public Park Space
Christopher Greyson Evans

Studying the Graduate Record Examinations' Ability to Predict Student Success as Measured by Graduate Grade Point Averages
Brenton A. Floyd

Evaluating Ways to Reduce Errors in Medication Reconciliations Performed by Nurses in a Rural Hospital Setting
Kalen T. Freeman

Analyzing the Presence of State-Run Retirement Plans for Private Sector Employees
Ruthann Froberg

Analyzing Public Relations as a Strategic Management Function at SEC Universities
Whitney Harder

Evaluation of a Palliative Care Initiative on the African Continent: Responsibly Improving Access to Pain Treatment
J. Spencer Hirschi

The Effect of State-Level Constitutional Debt Limitations On the Costs of Capital
Micah Johnson

Impact of Area-Under-the-Curve Monitoring for Vancomycin on Incidence of Acute Kidney Injury in Orthopedic Patients
Kelli R. Keats

Analysis of the Performance of the Korean Government’s R&D Subsidy for Small Businesses
Soonjae Kwon

Procure-to-Pay Software in the Digital Age: An Exploration and Analysis of Efficiency Gains and Cybersecurity Risks in Modern Procurement Systems
Drew Lane (MPFM)

Everybody’s Working (But the Weakened): An Assessment of Medicaid Work Requirements and Their Administrative Burdens
Samuel Misleh

Social Media Usages in Small Not-For-Profit Organizations
Sarah Nolan

Impact Of Prescription Opioid Access Restrictions On Alcohol-Induced Mortality In Kentucky
Changwe Park

Female Disparity and Political Participation in the Kentucky State Legislature; The Presence of Female Legislative Candidates and Their Effect on Voter Turnout in the Kentucky Electorate
Trenton K. Patrick

Gas Emissions & Coal Consumption and Lead to an Increase in Renewable Energy? – Evidence from OECD Member Countries
Pilmu Ryu

A Study on the Determinants of Childbirth in Primary Local Government Districts in South Korean ‘Do’ Metro Provinces
Seungmin Kim

Martin School Alumni Survey
Carl Sims

The Local Government Financial Response to Natural Disasters in Kentucky
Lucas Taulbee

Exploratory Comparison of School Districts 1: An Exploratory Comparison of Kentucky Public School Districts that Primarily Select the “Compensating Rate”
Andrew J. Wells (MPFM)

Evaluating the Impact of Fine Particulate Matter Pollution Standards on Mortality Rates in the Southeastern United States
Lauren Wice



A study of the determinants influencing the legislative success of a government-proposed bill in Korea
Byung Jun Ahn

A Review of University Responses to Informal Queries and Open Records Requests for Aggregate Hiring-Related Data
Sheila Brothers

From Bail Bondsmen to Risk Assessments: Assessing Kentucky's Pretrial Release Approaches
Ismaila Ceesay

Determinants of student engagement in undergraduate research at the University of Kentucky
Tricia Coakley

An Examination of Gender Income Gaps in and out of Government
Elisha Comer

The Effect of 'Drowsy Shelters' in Preventing Traffic Accidents in South Korea
Hye Jim Chun

State Retirement Systems: Examining the Impact of Partisan Political Control of State Government Institutions on the Funded Ratio
Jared Gray

Housing Satisfaction in South Korea
Yoo Gunseuk

A study on change and determinants of South Koreans' Perceptions of Unification
Seong Koo Ham

Effective Traffic Noise Policy of Urban Development Projects in South Korea
Jaechang Jo

Does the Mentors & Meals After School Program Have An Effect on Student Grades?
Lisa Caswell Johnson

Effect of the Relocation Policy of Public Agencies in South Korea
Chan Ho Kim

The Effects of Land Use Deregulations in the Capitol Region on Gross Regional Domestic Product in South Korea
Youngchul Kim

Quality Measures of Universities and the Determinants of Tuition in South Korea
Young Hoon Ko

A Comparative Analysis of the Organizational Effectiveness of Three Korea Land and Housing Corporation Construction Field Groups
Jachoon Koo

The Impact of E-government on Corruption Control
Eunhee Lee

The Effect of the Housing Support Policy for the Disabled and Factors Affecting Policy Satisfaction in South Korea
Hee Bum Lee

Assessment of the Current Reporting Requirements of the Kentucky Immunization Registry
Lindsey Lewis

An Examination of Nonprofit Lobbying Expenditures
Danielle Middleton

A Study on the Impact of Demographic Change on Housing Price in South Korea
Jung Man Moon

Comparative Storage and Utilization Analysis of Insulin Across Inpatient Hospital Settings
Tristan A. Moorman

Consumer Response to Increases in the State Cigarette Tax
Patrick Nolan

Measuring the Effect of Electric Utility Deregulation on Residential Retail Prices in a Midwestern State
Sam Owens

An Analysis of the Effect of State Aid Transfers on Local Government Expenditures
John Perrin

The impact of intellectual property on provincial unemployment rates in South Korea
Soon Ho Shin

The Effects of Overcrowding on Student Academic Performance in Kentucky High Schools
Maura Shirley

Ginning Up Economic Growth? Evaluating the Effects of County-Level Alcohol Sales
Nathan Smith

An Evaluation of LFUCG Economic Development: Making Strides Towards Strategic, Performance-Driven Partnerships
Sarah Ausmus Smith

Assessing Student Performance in Written Communication: An Evaluation of the University of Kentucky's Quality Enhancement Plan
Abigail Stockwell

Empowering Women for Economic Growth: A Measurement of Social and Demographic Impacts on Afghan Women in Business
Tracy Taylor

Urban Garden, Where Art Thou? A Study of Urban Agriculture in the Dallas Metropolitan Area
Jaronda Williams

The impact of increased cigarette prices on cigarette consumption
Bohyun Yoo

The Impact of Socioeconomic Factors on Voter Turnout in the Republic of Korea: Empirical Research for the Results of the 18th and 19th Presidential Elections
Hee Yup Yoon


Fitting Square Pegs into Round Holes: Atlantic Coast Conference Member Institutional Responses to NCAA Sanctions, 1986 - 2016
Matt Arant

Effects of Mass Media on Family Planning Choices in Indonesia
Beta Ardiansyah

Determinants of an Individual's Suicide Intention in South Korea
Nam Keun Choi

The Effect of Per Capita Income on Broadband Access
Austin Coleman

The Impact of the Bantuan Operasional Sekolah (BOS) Program: School Operational Assistance to the Household Expenditures in Education: A Case Study of Indonesia
Anton Abdul Fatah

An Implementation Analysis of Needle Exchange Programs in Kentucky: Implementation Barriers and Facilitators Identified By Stakeholders
Samantha Jane Harris

In Search of "Real" Migrants: The Effects of County Level Factors on Enrollment in the Migrant Education Program in Kentucky
Thomas Hatton

The Emerge Difference: Effects of Encouragement by Political Organizations on Women's Political Ambition
Ashleigh Hayes

Did Municipal Stabilization Funds Effectively Smooth Expenditures During the Great Recession?
Lauren Kesselring

School Characteristics: Impact on a Student's Post-Graduation Decision
Andrew Kidd

The Determinants of Childbirth Grants of Local Governments in South Korea
Gi-jung Kim

Measuring a Big Bold Goal
Jonathan Kohn

A Study of the Effects of County Characteristics on College Enrollment
Patrick La Mar

A Benefit-Cost Analysis of Korea's "Advance Passenger Information System"
Chanyoung Lee

Factors Associated with Intervention by Bystanders in Sexual Violence Crimes
Kathy Chang Liu

The Effect of a Risk-Based Deposit Insurance Program in Korea
Youngil Oh

Financial Implications of the Medicaid Expansion for Academic Medical Centers
Madeleine Oritt

Across the States: Do Long Term Services & Supports Policies Affect the Number of Nursing Home Residents with Low-Care Needs?
Mary Otis

The Effects of Uncertainty on Local Government Budgeting: A Comparative Case Analysis of Two Kentucky Counties' Responses to Budgetary Uncertainty
Alyshia Powell

Reducing Depression Among Older Adults: Informal Helping Versus Volunteering
Salih Salihoglu

The Determinants of Successful Angel Investors
Hu Guen Sohn

Perspectives on the United States Environmental Protection Agency's Clean Air Scientific Advisory Committee: A Survey of State Air Agencies
Cassandra Yannelli

Heterogeneity of Rural Schools in the World: Effects of School Location on Academic Achievement Across 28 Countries
Julia Zhu


A Study of Determinants of the Birthrate Change in South Korea
Kyunghoon Ahn

Does KEES Help Retain High-Performing Students In-State for Higher Education?
Rachael Clark

The Role of Administrative Procedures in Preventing the Backlog of Sexual Assault Evidence Kits
Heather Darby

Need and Cost Assessment: Transplant House of Lexington
David Freeman

Cartel Leniency Program and Cartel Enforcement in South Korea
Kyung Jong Han

Early Voting Methods and the Impact on Voter Turnout
Courtney Harris

Assessing the Production Revenues and Forecasting Models of Lexington Children's Theater Productions, 1998-2004 and 2008-2014
Shea Henning Bartlett

Non-Profit Financial Viability during the Great Recession: A Case Study of the Ronald McDonald House of Greater Cincinnati
Madison Holbrook

Do Air Pollutant Emissions Lead to an Increase in Total Personal Health Care Costs by State?
Dana Jespersen

Retention and Graduation Rates at Public Research Universities: Do Medical Centers Affect Rates?
Sara C. Jewell

Divorces of Marriage Immigrants in South Korea
Sanghee Kim

An Analysis of the Impact of Housing Policies on Housing Prices in South Korea
Daeil Kwon

Educational Attainment in Guatemala: An Analysis of Characteristics Related to Youth Perspectives and Households
Nicole Lesniewski

State Spending and Economic Growth: An Exploratory Analysis
Eli Levine

Did Beijing's Vehicle Use Restriction Policy Reduce Smog in 2014? A Time Series Analysis Using Chinese Government and US Embassy Data
Ning Li

Factors Associated with Philanthropic Giving and their Correlation with Donation Amount: A Case Study of the Indianapolis Zoo 2014 Donor Survey
Ashley Marcum

Student Characteristics and Retention in Merit Preparatory School
Alyssa McKenzie

Building the Case Against Human Trafficking: Developing and Evaluating a Training Module for Law Enforcement Officials
Katie Sanders

Analyzing Charges and Payments Received for Discharged Patients at Teaching Hospitals in Relation to Patient Satisfaction and Overall Medicare Charges
Rob Sutter

The Implementation and Evaluation of Participant Surveys for 4-H Teen Summit
Zack Turner

Impact of Intellectual Property Promotion for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) in South Korea: An Examination of IP Star Program Impact
Jongseok Yoon


Veterinary Specialty Certification: Analyzing the Value of Certification Through the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners
Jeff Allen

Family Support Caseloads - Determinants of Kentucky's Division of Family Support Personnel Allocation
David Bachert

Study of Thoroughbred Workers: Physical health, mental health, and income
Marina Byrd

Does Kentucky's Merit-based Scholarship Program, KEES, Improve College Completion?
Alex Combs

MyScouting: An Assessment of User Satisfaction and Suggestions for Improvement
Donald Combs, III

Do Municipal Stat Programs Improve Services and Reallocate Resources? Evidence from LouieStat
Jamie Giles

Public Retirement Systems: An Examination of Governance Characteristics and Their Impact on the Funded Ratio
Chris Groves

Study on Private Health Insurance Coverage for Adults under 65
Weisheng Gu

Academic Asset of Instructor's Indulgence? The Effect of Arts & Cultural Institutions on Academic Achievement
Hank Harned

Does Overhead Spending Affect Fiscal Performance of Nonprofits?
Shan Sandee Huang

The Modern Streetcar in the United States: Do Cities Have the Information Needed to Make Informed Choices?
Elle Hull

Crossing the Border for the Pill: An Analysis of the Decision to Purchase Oral Contraceptives Over-the-Counter from Mexican Pharmacies
Nadine Johnson

Cost Analysis of a Pharmacy Intern Program at a Tertiary Academic Medical Center
Bridgette Kanz

Postsecondary Instruction: Changes in the Academic Workforce and State Appropriations for Community Colleges
R. Ryan Kendrick

Does Tax Revenue Diversification Help States Weather Economic Downturns? Evidence from the Great Recession
Nick Kilby

The effect of direct payments to rice farming households in Korea
Jaehyung Kim

The Relationship Between Teacher Training Institituions and Student Performance
Shelby King

Analyzing Perceptions of Barriers to Self-Sufficiency of Local Social Service Officials and their Priorities for Local Government Funding
Zheng Li

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act’s Effects on Patterns of Coverage in a Ryan White Funded HIV Clinic: What are the Implications for the Bluegrass Care Clinic?
Jacqueline Wagner McCuddy

Environmental Justice in Kentucky: A County-Level Study of Enforcement of the Clean Air Act
Katherine Meade

Deep and Chronic Poverty in the P.S.I.D. - Assessing the Panel Survey of Income Dynamics Using Pα and Kα Indices
Paul Metzler

The Socioeconomic Impact of Coal in the Appalachian Region of Kentucky
Laura Oxley

An Analysis of the Effects of Formula Funding Project in the Korea Higher Education system
Kyungsoo Park

Utilization of the Kentucky AIDS Drug Assistance Program versus Kentucky Medicaid Using Medication Possession Ratio: Policy Implications for Public Program
Jenna Parrett

Influences on Reported Nonprofit Lobbying Efforts
Alyson Partain

Measuring Academic Achievement of University of Kentucky Student Athletes: Helping the Center for Academic and Tutorial Services Better Allocate Resources
Chatham Penrod

Determining Undergraduate Factors that Predict Academic Success in Pharmacy School
Stephen Polley

Preventing underage drinking: A Salvadoran Program Evaluation
Fransheska Quijada

Teacher Compensation and Student Outcomes: A District Examination in Kentucky
Logan Rupard

Assessment of the Quality of Public Data Reporting by Nonprofit Social Service Agencies Receiving Funding from the Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government in FY 2013
Yuanyuan Song

Letting Teams Walk: Exploring the Economic Impact of Professional Sports Franchises Leaving Cities
Jesse Stephenson

Understanding the Management Factors that Contribute to Successful Electronic Tolling Systems
David Talley

Riding in Real-Time: Estimating Ridership Effects of the Adoption of Mobile Real-Time Transit Tracking Applications
Kendrick Vonderschmitt

Do College Presidents Matter? An Analysis of the Effects of College Presidents on Retention and Graduation Rates
Wesley Whistle

Nonprofit Organizations & Social Media Fundraising: An Analysis of the GoodGiving Guide Challenge
Laura Whitaker

The Effect of Adopting Right to Work Laws: A Paired State Approach
Johnny Xu

Spending for affordable housing: How Lexington-Fayette Urban County, KY compares to similar cities in the U.S.
Chenglin Zhao


Change in discharge errors: Introduction of a consultant led error feedback session to junior physicians
Elise Albro

Developing a Best Practice Model for Forecasting Annual Francise Fee Revenue: A case of the Lexington-Fayette Urban-County Government
Ian Banta

Analyzing the University of Kentucky’s Top 20 Business Plan
Kenny Blair

Disaster Response and Individuals with Disabilities: An Examination of Kentucky's Red Cross Shelters
Kandace Bright

An Exploration of Determinants of Organizational Commitment: Emphasis on the Relationship between Organizational Democracy and Commitment
Boya Chen

Analyzing the Presence of Marketing in Campus Recreation Departments
Amy Gibson

The University of Kentucky's Freshman Summer Program
Geoffrey Griggs

Student-Athletes and Drug Abuse Policies: A Study of Drug Abuse Policies of Athletics Departments in a Major Intercollegiate Athletics Conference
Jennifer Hale

Analyzing the Impacts of the 2010 World Equestrian Games on the Kentucky Horse Park
Pamela Henderson

The Federal Minimum Wage: The Effects of the Minimum Wage on the Youth Employment and School Enrollment
Nurlan Kussainov

Evaluation of the Live Release Rate Formula and Implementation: Example Analysis of the Effects of Mandatory Spay/Neuter Laws on Intake at Shelters within Dallas, TX
Amanda Laskoe

Unrelated Business Income's Impact on Direct Public Support in the Nonprofit Sector
Kelsey Lewis

The Effects of Elasticity on Government Revenue in China
Maiduo Li

Homeland Security Grant Program: An Analysis of the Determinants of Homeland Security Funding to States
Michaela Miles

Kentucky Pharmacist Opinions of the Potential Reclassification of Pseudophedrine as a Legend Drug
Kathleen Monson

Influential Determinants of the Time of Adoption of State-Based Healthcare Insurance Exchanges
Chris Record

Exploring I.T. Innovation in a Sample of Kentucky Nonprofits
Candice Rider

Teacher Characteristics on Student Achievement: An Examination of High Schools in Ohio
Angela Rockstroh

Could the Money Saved Through Uncompensated Hospital Care be Enough to Justify Medicaid Expansion in the State of Kentucky?
Matthew Rudacille

Winning on the Field and Winning in the Classroom: High School Football in Rurual Kentucky, Does a School's Winning Percentage in Football Affect Average ACT Scores?
Jon Samokar

Coups d'état and Democracy: Implications for Development Aid
Theresa Simcic

State Public Retirement Systems: An Examination of Factors Affecting the Funded Ratio
Jenna Skop

Psychotropic Medication Utilization in Care Home Residents Age 65 or Older Compared with the Equivalent General Population in Scotland
Tyler Stewart

An Analysis of the Effect a State's Special Education Funding Formula has on the Percent of a State's Students Enrolled in Special Education From 2000-2009
Scott Tremoulis

Relationship Between Clandestine Methamphetamine Laboratory Seizures and Burns in Kentucky
David Wittmer


Characteristics of Kentucky Agricultural Operations Participating in NRCS Conservation Programs
Carmen Agouridis

Has the Emergence of Charter Schools Affected Student Performance in Traditional Public Schools in Shared Markets? Recent Evidence from Public Schools in Ohio
Robert Akers

Influence of Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs on Acetaminophen-related Liver Toxicity
Aaron Barcelo

Strategic Management and Job Satisfaction: Agency-Level Effects in the Federal Government
Tara Bopp

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009: An Investigation into the Determinants of Funds Awarded to the States
Kaitlin Bromann

An Analysis of Regularizations of Undocumented Residents in Spain and the Underground Economy: Insight for United States Policy Makers
Jon Davis

An Analysis of Laboratory Inspections at the University of Kentucky
Rachel Eldridge

Congressional Voting on the Federal Debt Ceiling
Juanita Espinoza

Influence of Medical Marijuana Programs on Controlled Substance Utilization
James Farley, II

Predicting Drug Court Success
Chris Geisler

Fuel Price, State Taxation, and Fleet Mileage Reduction
Kris Harmon

Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund Loans: What Factors Led States to Borrow During and After the Great Recession?
Zach Huitnik

Do College Football Games Affect the Level of Crime in the Local Community?
Micah Johnson

Analyzing the Retroreflectivity Mandate
Karyn Leverenz

The Impact of the Shared Property Tax System on the Localities' Fiscal Capacity
Sun Ki Kwon

An Exploratory Study of Parking in a Lexington Neighborhood
Edward McCarthy

Assessments of Dual Degree Programs at University of Kentucky College of Pharmacy
Adebayo Ogunniyi

Policy Outcomes in Indonesia Before and After Democratization
Aung Kyaw Phyo

Educational Migration: Brain Drain in Kentucky
Dustin Pugel

Adequate Yearly Progress and Dropouts: An Analysis of Kentucky High Schools & Districts
Michelle Schardein

Federal Tax Policy and Charitable Giving
Mary Tinnon

Nutrition Policy, Nonmarket Failure, and the Obesity Epidemic
James Woodward

Corporate Income Tax Credits: Examining the Relationship between Tax Credits and Employment
Lena Yatskovskaya


Athletic Academic Reform: Does the Level of Spending on Academic Services by Athletic Departments affect the Academic Progres Rates of Revenue Sports?
James Batley

Competition among Public Schools: An Analysis of Kentucky Public Elementary Schools
Sarah Burns

Does the Phi Gamma Delta Academic Achievement Award Affect the Fraternity's Ability to Attract Future Donors and Volunteers?
Rob Caudill

Get-Out-The-vote (GOTV) Targeting and the Effectiveness of Direct Voter Contact Techniques on Candidate Performance
Samuel Taylor Coots

Graduate School Choice and Recruitment: An Assessment of the Martin School Applicant Data System and its Utility for Supporting Administrative Decisions
Leslie Curtis

"Courting" Time: Assessing the Policy and Planning Issues Related to Adoption of Case Processing Standards in the Kentucky Judicial System
John B. Dobson

Should Pseudoephedrine (PSE) be moved from Behind the Counter to Prescription-Only? An analysis of PSE as an OTC medication and a precursor for methamphetamine production
Jerry Dillon

Public School Performance: Examining the Relationship between Teacher Training Program and School Achievement
Lindsay Griffith

Socially Responsible Investing: A Comparative Analysis for the Bluegrass Community Foundation
Andrew Hedrick

Public Art Planning for Municipal Governments: Core Components and Common Practices
Jonathan Hollinger

An Examination of Compressed Natural Gas for Use in Municipal Fleets: Would CNG Work for Lexington, KY?
Robert Kahne

Local E-Government Trends: Evaluating the Adoption and Sophistication of Kentucky City Websites
Kevin Klosterboer

Predictors of Food Bank Usage Among Those with Low Food Security: Analysis of the Current Population Survey Food Supplement Data
Sarah McQueen

Local Economic Development: Researching Clusters in Woodford County, Kentucky
Tom Middleton

U.S. Development Aid, its Objectives and Lower-Middle Income Countries
Nazar Muhammad

Examining Kentucky Public Schools: Gender Differences in an Index Measure of Accountability for Academic Standards
Khin Thazin Myint

Funding Source Impact on Nonprofit Advocacy Activity
Sean Patrick Naylor

An Analysis of Bachelor's Degree Production by Kentucky Public 4-year Universities: Before and After the Kentucky Postsecondary Education Improvement Act of 1997
Jonathan Pruitt

Lexington Humane Society: Analysis of Volunteers
D'Arcy Robb

An Analysis of Quality of Life Findings among Money Follows the Person Program Beneficiaries
Mitch Ruscitti

Dental Service Utilization in an Academic Setting: An Analysis for Improved Oral Health
Paula Sandford

Implementation Analysis of Two Legal Means to Grant Undocumented Immigrant Crime Victim U.S. Residency Status
Shelley Sellwood-Davis

What Makes People Generally Satisfied with Mental Health Services? Findings of 2010 Consumer Satisfaction Survey in Kentucky Community Mental Health Centers
Minji Sohn

Educational Attainment: Decision Influences Regarding Attendance and Level of Post-Secondary Education
William Spears

U.S. State Employee Pension Systems: An Investigation into the Causes of Unfunded Liabilities
Chuck Truesdell

Understanding Non-profit Organizations in States with Appalachian Counties: Where they Locate and the Missions they Serve
Rebecca Tucker

The Incidence of Hip Fracture Associated with Proton Pump Inhibitor (PPI) and/or H2 Receptor Antagonist (H2RA) Use in the Kentucky Medicaid Population
Timothy Umeh

Establishing Long-Term Cost Effectiveness of FEMA Buyouts: A Loss Avoidance Study of the Acquisition/Demolition of 22 Properties in Shepherdsville, Kentucky
Esther White


Foothills Academy: A Program Ranking and Comparative Analysis of Residential Treatment Programs
William Aaron

The Cost of Medication Errors in the Emergency Department: Implications for Clinical Pharmacy Practice
Benjamin Bowman

Measuring the Success of Stormwater Credit Programs through the Implementation of Credit Utilization Ratios
Conan Brooks

Barriers to Implementing a ‘Secured by Design’ Program for the Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government
Brent Burchett

What is the Impact of Kentucky’s Pharmacy Recovery Network?
Benjamin Clark

Higher Education and the 2007 Recession: Examining the Relationship Between State Agency Structure, Fiscal Support, and the State Fiscal Stabilization Fund
Christopher Crumrine

Analyzing the Assets for Independence IDA Program
Natalie Denney

Evaluating the Presidential Management Fellows Program: Has the Implementation of a Standardized Assessment Test Altered Student Selection?
Graham Drake

Factors Affecting the Success of Robinson Scholars
Amanda Dunn

Impact of levalbuterol versus Albuterol in Kentucky Medicaid Patients
Velma Henry

An Evaluation of Deferrals within the Patient Transitioning Process from Inpatient Acute Care to Community Living Center at the Lexington VA Medical Center
Tressie Hird

Community Needs Assessment of Mayasandra Village, Karnataka, India
Alexander Hernandez Holl

Providing Department of Defense Support Domestically: A Study of Cost Effectiveness
Meredith Howes

Tax Collection Methods: Understanding Business Tax Collection and the Psyche of Evasion
Kara Johnson

A Study of the Effect of Economic Policies on the Domestic Film Market
Gyeoreh Lee

Comparative Analysis of the Financial Performance of Nonprofit Organizations: Focusing on the Franklin County Senior Activity Center
Shinwoo Lee

Should Kentucky Tax Professional Services As a Way to Raise Revenue? An Economic Analysis of Possible Revenue Options
Meghan Mando

The Relative Effect of Alternative Regulatory Actions: Benchmarks for the Compliance and Discipline Process in Different Jurisdictions and Occupations
Robert McAtee

Assessment of the Neighborhood, Housing, Family, and Personal Characteristics that Affect Whether Students Drop Out of High School
Renee November

Disability Preparedness: Availability of ADA Compliant Emergency Shelters Across Pennsylvania
Lisa Peterson

The Effectiveness of Alternative Drug Administration Regimens for Kentucky Inmates with Type II Diabetes
Rebecca Pettinato

Instrumental Music and ACT Scores
Jerry Price

A Study of the Effects of Budget-Balancing Practices and Fiscal Policies on State Fiscal Health
Candice Schultheis

The Relationship Between Obesity and Skin and Soft Tissue Infections
Juliana Swiney

Foreclosure Mitigation Counseling: An Analysis of the Households Participating in the National Foreclosure Mitigation Counseling Program in Louisville
Travis Weber

The Makeup and Utilization of University Student Unions: A Comparative Analysis
Ashley Wineki




Senate Bill (SB) 172: Governance of Nutrition in Kentucky Public Schools Implementation Analysis
William Brumbach

Does the Incidence of Public Official Liability Claims Increase in Years Following an Election?
Laurel Curtis

Kentucky Non-Profits and Financial Transparency: Do Donors Look?
Paul Ditterline

Public Policy and Market Reality: Analyzing the Unfunded Liability in the Kentucky Non-hazardous Employees' Retirement System
Kelley Dudley

The Effect of Appalachian Math and Science Partnership on Student Achievement
Betsy Evans

Neighborhood Effects of Public Housing: How the Level of Public Housing Concentration Influences Neighborhood Crime Levels
Paul Joice

Process Review of the Final Acceptance for Federal-Aid Highway Projects in Kentucky
Michael Loyselle

Violent Personal Crimes on Campus: The Influence of Size, Setting, and Police Presence
Chris McKinney

Nonprofits: Recruiting and Retaining Baby Boom Volunteers in Central Kentucky
Ashley Moore

Operation UNITE: A Qualitative Analysis Identifying Critical Factors for Implementation
Crystal Pryor

Does Increased Government Spending Aid in a Better Result?
Rachael L. Putnam

Public Provision of Service for the Elderly: An Empirical Analysis of County-Level Senior Service Property Tax Levies
Brigitte Ramsey

Do Property Assessors in Kentucky Value Residential Property at Fair Market Value?
Brian Smith

Expanding a General Surgery Practice: Privileges, Ambulatory Care Centers and Hospital Interactions.
Julia Ruschell Snow

Spillover Effects of the Robinson Scholars Program in the Service Area
Carla Tabeling

An Impact Study of Local Historic District Overlays on Fayette County Property Values
Suzann Vogel

An Analysis of Employing the Circuit Breaker as an Alternative Approach for Targeting Aid to Low-Income Students in Kentucky.
Will Walton

Evaluating if the Built Environment Has a Substantial Effect on Obesity in Fayette County, Kentucky
John W. Warren

Preparing For the Future: A Evaluation of Alternative Methods for Estimating the Needed Capacity of Nursing Home Beds in Kentucky
Michelle Woods


The 2005 Reauthorization of the Ryan White CARE Act: An Analysis of the Years 2000 and 2003.
Alethea Ingram Bernard

Public Authorities and Determinants of Aggregate Debt: Kentucky's Municipal Governments
Derek Bridges

Outcome Evaluation of the Center for Women, Children and Families' Parenting Program
Elena Buzarnescu

Estimating the Economic Impact of a New Arena in the Horse Park
Alexis R. Bwenge

Evaluating Awareness of Community Health and Human Services by the Hispanic Population in Lexington, Kentucky
Pilar Corbellini

The Effects of School District Policy on Participation and Educational Outcomes in the Math and Sciences
William M. Craig

Eliminating the Federal Deductibility of State and Local Taxes: The Possible Impact on State and Local Spending in Kentucky.
John M. Foster

A Retrospective Analysis of the Toll Fellow Program Impact on Leadership
Lizeth C. Fowler

Has creation of the Dunbar Neighborhood Association reduced crime in Dunbar? A 79 month ITS study of selected Lexington neighborhoods.
Timothy J. Goobic

KY Pharmacists’ Perceptions of Medication Errors
JD Hammond

Should Louisville Build a Dual Tenant or Single Tenant Arena?
Chad A. Harpole

How the Stringency of State Charter School Laws Affects Student Outcomes.
Kristen R. Hoffman

Light-Rail in Louisville: Assessing the Financial Feasibility of Transit
Brian K. Howell

From Welfare to the Workforce: Does Participation in the Kentucky Works Program Components Affect the Earnings of Welfare Recipients in Kentucky?
Paulette Jones

External Communications Audit of the Kentucky Arts Council
Jessica N. Kropczynski

What Non-Administrative Factors Affect the Efficiency Ratios of Non-Profit Organizations?
Emily A. Lane

Does the Voluntary Standards for Excellence Program Improve Reporting Qualities & Efficiency of Nonprofit Organizations?
Harmony Little

Seat Belt Usage Rates: A Meta-Analysis
Tiffany L. Lockhart

Process Review of the Final Acceptance for Federal-Aid Highway Projects in Kentucky
Michael M. Loyselle

An Economic Impact Study for Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government Division of Parks and Recreation
Melynda L. Milburn

Measuring the Financial Impact of the Lexington Police's Disability Pension Plan
Eric A. Miller

Should the American Society of Missiology Partner with a Commercial Publisher to Publish Its Journal?
Betsy A. Northrup

Implementing a Purchase of Development Rights Program: Appraisal & Assessment in Fayette County, Kentucky
Perry A. Papka

Economic Analysis of Kentucky Being a Part of the National Lambda Rail
Chithra Perumal

What Factors Affect Access to Mental Health Care for Individuals with Mental Retardation and Mental Illness?
Charlene B. Powell

Where Supply Meets Demand: Women in Diesel Mechanics
Emily Raine

How the Kentucky League of Cities Can Better Serve the Readership of City
Laurent C. Rawlings

Emergency Department Costs Incurred by Hispanics in Central Kentucky
Sandra L. Senft

Elasticity of the LFUCG Tax Structure
Bradley S. Settle

Does the Environmental Orientation of County Judge Executives Affect Local Environmental Policy?
Katherine E. Shanks

The Impact of Intercollegiate Athletics on Academic Quality
Brad A. Trenkamp


Survey of Physical Agility Testing and Officer Fitness Levels in Kentucky Police Departments
Nathan Brown

What Influences State Government Performance in Environmental Protection?
Xiaoyang Chang

Securing the Commonwealth: Changing Emergency Preparedness in Kentucky
Christopher Cross

Childhood & Adolescent Obesity: Nationwide Pediatric Healthcare Provider Practices and Their Role in Treatment and Prevention of the Obesity Epidemic
Alison Farley

Disease Management Programs: Are They an Effective Tool to Control Healthcare Costs?
Susan Gitzinger

Assessing the Relationships Between Health-Risk Behaviors and Characteristics and Substance Use Among Kentucky’s Public School Youth
Tiffanie Gray

Important Health and Wellness Issues: An Examination of Elizabethtown Independent Schools
Robin E. Harris

Do Specialty Pharmacies Improve Compliance within Health Plans? A Case Study of Bluegrass Family Health Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients
Jeremy Hasford

The 2005 Reauthorization of the Ryan White Care Act: An analysis of the Years 2000 and 2003
Alethea Bernard Ingram

From Welfare to the Workforce: Does Participation in the Kentucky Works Program Components Affect the Earnings of Welfare Recipients in Kentucky?
Paulette Jones

A Model of the Effects of a Prior Authorization Requirement on Gabapentin Spending in a Kentucky Medicaid Population
Michael Lasley

Interlocal Cooperation in the Bluegrass Area Development District: What Factors Lead to Success?
Lora Littleton

Tax Burden and Venture Creation: An Empirical Investigation
Andrew V. MacNeill

The Effects of a University-Based Academic Detailing Program for Primary Care Providers on Hemoglobin A1c Assessment Frequency in Type II Diabetics
Christopher Maloy

Can You Hear Me Now? Lexington Hearing and Speech Center Parent Needs Assessment
Kendall Nash

First Responders on the Front Line: Measuring the Effect of Mobilization on Emergency Services
Kate Pringle

Contracting Waste Collection in Kenton County: Will Inter-Municipality Cooperation Decrease Cost?
Thomas Rauf

The Color Purple: Can Alternative Election Systems Better Represent American Political Behavior?
Krista Rinehart

Accountability in Public Administration Education: Assessing the Martin School
Natalie Schneider

Development Forecast: The Fiscal Effects on Property Taxes and Occupational License Fees and the Social Costs and Benefits of Urban Redevelopment in Lexington – Fayette County, Kentucky
Anthony Stoeppel

Measuring Environmental Compliance Assistance Outcomes: A Benefit Cost Analysis of the Kentucky Business Environmental Assistance Program
Kenya Stump

Analysis of the Constraints Affecting the Motor Fuel Tax in Comparison to the Transportation Cabinet’s Projected Needs: The Impact were a cost Escalator to be Enacted; and the Advocacy Positions Being Taken on the Issue of a Possible Cost Escalator
Jonathan Thompson

Development Education at Somerset Community College: Factors Leading to Retention and Graduation
Tracy Tucker

Organizational Structures and State Departments of Transportation
Candice Y. Wallace

Commuting Time Patterns in Kentucky: Major Contributing Factors and Policy Implications
Mariya Wasilkowski-Gerasimova

An Exploratory Analysis of the Fayette County Urban League Senior Community Service Employment Program
Kelly S. Woodall


An Analysis of Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant Effluent in Central and Eastern Kentucky
John Matthew Belcher

Tax System Evaluation: Variance Analysis of Kentucky's Corporate Tax System

Cary D. Black

Principals' Attitudes and CATS Scores: The Effects on School Performance
Rebecca Dane Brickey

Seeing the Forest for the Trees: Examining Retention, Factors Affecting Retention and the Differences Between Robinson Scholars and Other University of Kentucky Students
Kimberly Ann Chaffer

What Affects State Government Performance in Environmental Protection?
Xiaoyang Chang

Kentucky's Structural Imbalance: An Empirical Analysis of the Current Deficit
Abby Cosentino

When the Safety Net Fails: An Analysis of Alternative Long-Term Care Services in Kentucky
Suzanne Swann Dale

An Analysis of SF12, Quality of Life Measures, Within a Managed Care Provider Group
Virginia Maria Engoglia

Nighttime Driving and Passenger Restrictions for Teenage Drivers: Effectiveness and Risk Reductions
Daniel Wayne Flournoy

Kentucky Economic Development Incentives: An Analysis of their Socioeconomic Impact
Raymont D. Griffith

Service Programming at the University of Kentucky: A Comprehensive Program and Assessment
Jean Ellen Hiter

Revenue Forecasting for Special Olympics Kentucky: A Quantitative Approach for the Non-Profit Sector
James Thomas Hodges

Food Programs and Overweight Status among U.S. Children
Regan Elizabeth Hunt

Contracting with Nonprofit Organizations: A Model for Local Governments
Renee Jackson

Quality of Life Assessment for Children under Age 6 in Fayette County
Sara Legel Jeffries

Legal Publication in a Saturated Field: An Analysis of How The Journal of Natural Resources and Environmental Law Solicits Material for Publication
Donald Curtis Jones

A Kentucky Earned Income Tax Credit: Costs and Benefits
Stephen John Klos

Getting Things Done for Kentucky's Homeless: A Performance Measurement for the Homeless and Housing Coalition of Kentucky's AmeriCorps Program
Amanda Wells LeFevre

Do Employment Barriers Keep Low-Income Women Who Work Part-time from Working Full-time?
Daniel Robert Lorentz

Off-label Olanzaprine Prescribing and the Prevalence of Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder: A Study of Kentucky Medicaid Physicians
Bryan Keith Moore

Grant Acquisition and Administration in Local Cities
John R. Morgan

Suicidal Behavior in Kentucky: The Impact of Selected Community-level Factors
Jason Hunter Padgett

The Kentucky Craft Marketing Program's "Kentucky Collection" Initiative: Application of a Performance Measurement Plan
Kristin Anne Palmgreen

Can Government Decision Makers Break Moody's Rating Code?
Erik Peterson

Level of Pharmacy Practice and Satisfaction after the Introduction of the Pharm.D. as the Sole Entry-Level Degree
Dora Charity Price

An Assessment of Kentucky's Senior Centers Based on Standards Created by the National Institute of Senior Centers
Mary Shaye Rabold

Family Counseling Service's Impact Plus Program: Creating a Sustainable Program through Process Evaluation
Jennifer Sewell

Identifying the Potential Advantages and Disadvantages of Creating a Separate Foundation at the University of Kentucky
David Joshua Shellhorse

Nascent Entrepreneurs in Kentucky: What Influences the Decision to Become an Entrepreneur?
Leah Parson Simpson

The Newtown Pike Extension: A Formative Evaluation of a Public Participation Effort in Transportation Planning and Decision Making
David P. Thompson

Whether the Lexington/Fayette Urban County Government Should Adopt a Police Vehicle Advertising Program (PVAP): An Applied Exercise in Decision Analysis
Michael Odell Walker

Interstate 66 in Kentucky: A Case Study of Public Involvement Outcomes within the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet
David Whitworth

How Socio-Economic Factors Affect the Provision of Environmental Health Service in the Local Health Department
Wenli Yan

Exploration of Collaboration Models for UK's Community Service
Yiran Zhou


An Analysis of Onsite Wastewater Treatment and Disposal System Programs in Kentucky with an Emphasis on Technology Selection
Mark J. Cleland, R.E.H.S.

Cost Analysis of County Jails in Kentucky
Carol B. Courts

ALS Association Kentucky Chapter: Organizational Capacity Assessment
Camille Crain

Estimating the Effects of the United States Student Visa Policy and Consequences for the Influenced Groups
Petya E. Dimitrova

Looking Toward the Future: An Analysis of Workforce Planning Strategies at the U.S. General Accounting Office
Christopher R. Durbin

Kentucky Emergency Medical Services
Jana P. Grayson

Is Prior Authorization Worth it? The Case of COX-2s
Kelly Hattman

An Analysis of a Dedicated Property Tax to Fund the Fayette County Public Park System
Christopher Marty Jones

UK Advance Program Evaluation
Jennifer K. Krieger

The No Child Left Behind Act: Where Does Kentucky Stand?
Erin McNees

Grant Acquisition and Administration in Local Cities: An Analysis of the Community Development Block Grant
John Morgan

The Fuel Tax Compliance Unit: An Evaluation of Effectiveness
Suzanne Perkins Sapp

Perceived Needs, Barriers and Incentives for Regional Cooperation in the Kentucky Bluegrass
Amanda A. Smith

The Newtown Pike Extension: A Formative Evaluation of a Public Participation Effort in Transportation Planning and Decision Making
Patrick Thompson

University of Kentucky Endowment Analysis: A Comparative Analysis of Endowment Management Strategies and Suggestions for Alternatives to the Traditional Approach
Julie Tolliver


Federal Advocacy Policy Evaluation Kentucky League of Cities
Joseph W. Coleman

The Need for Better Methods to Measure the Fiscal Impacts of Capital Projects of the Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government
Todd Dice

Should the Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government Purchase the Kentucky American Water System? A Policy and Economic Analysis of the Factors That Will Affect the Decision
David H. Duttlinger

Survey of Executive Training Needs Among United Way of the Bluegrass Agencies
Eric B. Gray

Building a Better Board: Improving Board Governance and Effectiveness at the Sunshine Center
Ann Hilary Hanly

Measurement of Outcomes: A New Model for Fund Distribution Implemented by the United Way of the Bluegrass
Mihaela Ionescu

The Buck Stops Here: An Alternative Assessment of University of Kentucky's Medical Alumni Association
Amanda Coates Lich

Kentucky’s Long-Term Care Bed Supply: Are There Enough Beds to Meet the Needs of Kentuckians?
Shane O’Donley

Public Participation in Black Bear Reintroduction: Recommendations to the National Park Service
Shelley R. Roberts

Analysis of Kentucky’s Welfare to Work Program
Christopher H. Smith

A Path Toward Reducing Medical Errors: Increasing Occurrence Reporting
Tamara F. Stenzel

Strategies for Controlling Vandalism: Recommendations for the Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government Division of Parks and Recreation
Carrie Wilson


Analysis of Medicare Policy Governing Pharmacist Reimbursement for Diabetes Education
Michael A. Achampong

Prescription Drug Abuse: How Can a Managed Care Organization Curtail This Problem and Benefit its Members
Lu Shawna E. Dulin

Economic Development Strategies in Paris-Bourbon County
Elda Dede

Colon Cancer Mortality in Kentucky: Patient Variables Affecting Treatment
Michael A. Doukas

An Objective Analysis Tool for Environmental Justice at the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet
Patrick L. Tyndall

A Design Analysis of the Environmental Protection Agency's Strategic Plan: Goal 6
Georgina E. Carney

Analysis of the Kentucky Lottery Corporation's Use of Passive Versus Active Investment
Ian F. Koffer

Assessment of Kentucky's Auditing Project to Combat Fuel Tax Evasion
Suzanna H. Luzuriaga

Alternative Financing Methods for Urban Parks and Recreation Systems: Comparison Study of the Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government's Division of Parks and Recreation to Models from the Southeast Region
Jason S. Holsclaw


Developing a Mediation Program for Kentucky State Government Employees
Tania J. Esposito

Impediments to Disproportionate Share Hospitals in Administering the 340B Legislation
Laila A. Akhlaghi

A Performance Budgeting Pilot Project: The WtW Formula Grant Program
Regina E. Wilson

An Examination of Kentucky's Energy Efficiency Program for State Government Buildings
Karen W. Landry

The Office of Residence Life: An Analysis to Improve Recruiting and Retention Practices
Corey A. Blakey

Pharmacy Costs and Utilization of Osteoporosis Therapy in a Managed Care Plan
Megan L. Jones

The Importance of Medication Compliance: A Health Insurer's Perspective
Julie E. Thomas

Education Effectiveness Measures at the University of Kentucky
John R. Cook

Implementation of Superfund: The Case of Maxey Flats
Martin M. Wallingford

Evaluating the New Performance Appraisal System at the University of Kentucky
Firas F. Yasin

The Kentucky Watershed Management Framework: A Closer Look
Thomas D. Williams

Measurement Instrument for East Kentucky Power Cooperative's Environmental Education Programs,
Robin Emerson Blevins

U.S. Senate Elections 1978-1998: How PAC Money and Candidate Self-Financing Influence Contribution Levels
Brad J. Buckley